DataCond® ETOS

DataCond® ETOS is a model from the DataCond® product range for air conditioning rooms with high thermal loads and is the most efficient in this series in its operation.

The housing design is an evolution of the successful HygCond series, whose use has proven successful in the building services sector. The mode of operation of DataCond®ETOS is based on the principle of indirect evaporative cooling. In this way high energy efficiency can be achieved with low energy input. On the WhiteSpace side, the ETOS unit needs only evaporative cooling to come within 1.5K of the wet-bulb temperature of the fresh air. This makes it possible to do without an additional mechanical compression refrigeration system throughout the year.

The integrated double-plate heat exchanger separates the fresh air and room air, ensuring that no adverse climatic conditions, such as excessive humidity, can affect the space. This type of air conditioning is ideal for rooms with a high thermal load, such as data centres and server rooms.

DataCond®ETOS is available in five sizes with up to 250 kW of sensitive cooling capacity and is customised to the specific project requirements through its modular structure. All products in the DataCond® series correspond to the new VDI 6022 2017-01 and VDI 2047 in terms of hygiene.

  • Housing characteristics as per VDI 3803 and DIN EN 1886
  • Maintenance- and service-friendly: System components accessible from the front
  • Compact footprint
  • Lots of power with minimal space requirements

Device construction
Functional principle of free indirect evaporative cooling

  • Optional power-controlled mechanical refrigeration for redundancy or peak-load cooling

  • Water treatment as per VDI 6022

  • Optional: integrated option for direct free cooling

  • Rotary pump in redundant design

  • Integrated MSR-concept

  • 2-fold jetting as continuous water system for utilising the potential in the fresh air

  • Highly efficient watertight double-plate heat exchanger

  • Highly efficient EC fans in redundant design

  • Optional heat exchanger for redundancy or peak-load cooling


  • EC Fans run as FanWall
  • Integrated water softener and UV-C lamp for water disinfection
  • Meets hygiene requirements as per VDI 6022 and VDI 2047
  • Outdoor and indoor installation, and left and right versions
  • Direct free cooling via integrated louvred dampers optionally possible



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